A holistic approach to decluttering your life 

Ahh, clutter. From overcrowded closets and calendars to mental chatter in your mind, too much stuff can make you feel stuck. The longer you put off tending to it, the more overwhelming it seems. And the less productive, purposeful and at-peace you feel. Never mind that exploring new possibilities starts to feel darn near impossible. Good news: saying "ciao" to all types of clutter and "hello there" to a lighter and brighter tomorrow is possible...today! 

Meet Prune & Bloom: a unique blend of life coaching + decluttering to help you create space for what matters most to you.



of items in your wardrobe get worn 80% of the time. (So much for not picking favorites, huh?)


of papers you save or file never even get looked at - let alone needed - again. (Seriously...)


of things that matter most to you are more likely to happen if they're on your calendar (...save the date!)


Ready to declutter your way to a brand new day? Let's do this!


“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify." ~henry david thoreau