The path to blooming? Declutter your life.

Our promise? To make your Prune & Bloom experience practical and productive - with a sidecar of insight and delight! The steps of our holistic Prune & Bloom process work in concert to deliver the hands-on help you want, plus the personal insights and info you need to keep going - and growing - once we've said farewell. And lest we have to remind your busy-bee self: the perfect time rarely happens by itself... but when was the last time you really regretted investing time in yourself? Umm-hmm. "Full bloom ahead!" 

Step 1: Your "Clutter Condition" Call 

(30 min. Phone Call)

It all starts with a good old-fashioned 45 minute phone chat.  During this "Prune & Bloom-primer" of sorts, we'll:

  • Discover your current clutter challenges, personality and ideal outcomes 
  • Talk you through a play-by-play of our approach so you'll know what to expect
  • Determine next steps to best suit your goals, lifestyle and schedule

If you decide you're not ready to move forward quite yet? No worries (and no charge)! You'll know best when the time is right

Step 2: Your Personalized Pruning Treatment

(home or office visit)

Who said house calls are a thing of the past?! Our in-person treatments include the optimal amount of  "time, toil and TLC" our experience has taught us is necessary to make tangible, manageable and meaningful progress. Plus, we work alongside you every step of the way  to ensure you're learning as you go so you can maintain the momentum moving forward:

  • Up to 6 hours of decluttering (some of our most popular offerings: Closet Cleanse, Kitchen Cleanse and Office Detox)
  • Specialized "Life-scape" assessment to discern your current priorities, habits and roadblocks
  • Organization and storage solution recommendations tailored for your space
  • DIY maintenance tips for keeping clutter at bay (aka Anti-clutter relapse 101)
  • Clutter removal ( unsightly piles or bags left to taunt - or tempt! - you)
  • Donation delivery  (we'll make sure your things go to a good cause, and convert clutter reduction to tax deductions!)

Not only will time fly, but when we leave, you'll feel palpably lighter (exhale)...and almost giddy with a sense of momentum (can you hear the "Rocky" theme song ?). But don't take our word for it, see what former Bloom-ers say.

Step 3: Your Life Coaching Session

(1 hour phone call or coffee date)

Once we clear your physical clutter, we'll then add icing to your clutter-free-cake. How? By translating your newfound space and momentum to tackling any mental and calendar clutter that's been holding you back. During a coaching session, we'll equip you with a custom "Bloom-print" that pairs personal insights and a-has with tangible next steps and suggestions oriented towards helping you make practical progress in areas that matter most to you. Think of it like a personal trainer for your next chapter (but one who encourages you to indulge in your hopes and dreams - because they're carb and calorie free after all)!

Gift Certificates (oh-la-la!)

Looking for a unique gift for a special-someone? Something that they'll remember and benefit from for years to come? That shows you think they deserve a special type of TLC (and, that you're the BEST gift-giver ever)? A Prune & Bloom gift certificate is sure to surprise & delight (plus, may win you some brownie points to boot...just sayin').

Excited to get pruning towards possibility? Drop us a line - we'd love to answer any questions you may have.


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark TWAIN