A holistic life decluttering service? Pray tell...

While we know the concept of "clutter" is common, we realize the phenomenon of Pruning & Blooming may be new - so here are a few bits of extra clarification. If you still have questions or curiosities once you get to the bottom? Give us a holler!


Q: How are you different from typical organizers?





A: we Tackle things, time and thoughts.

In a nutshell: Prune & Bloom is a fusion of decluttering, organizing and life coaching. Our unique holistic approach creates physical, mental and emotional space to help you make the next chapter of your life more of what you want it to be. We work with you to discern how and where clutter is holding you back. Then, use pruning as a catalyst for you to overcome blocks, including a step by step plan to help you 'bloom' in those areas. The bonus? We equip you with the 'tips and tools' to keep clutter at bay and you blooming all season long. 


Q: Is this like that popular Japanese 'tidying-up' book?

A: One size - or book - does not fit all. 

We love Maria Kondo's book The Magic Power of Tidying Up. And incorporate the parts of her approach we've found most effective. As well as tips and tricks from other clutter psychologists and organizing experts we follow. But, we recognize that some principles are just not practical or realistic for everyone. So, we strive to the employ the "best of" tips we've learned from the thousands of books, articles, blogs and such we've consumed over the years - in a manageable way that best works with your unique priorities and tendencies. Translation: The Prune & Bloom process doubles as a Cliff Notes for decluttering resources - so no need to try and read all of 'em! Look at that: trimming your to-do list already... :-)

A. Absolutely not - some stuff should be celebrated!

There's quote that goes something like this: "what makes a house a home is having things in it that matter." In that vein, we believe that life is meant to be lived! And part of a well lived life involves accumulating things.  Functional things to help us do daily tasks. And meaningful things that represent special people, places or experiences. Every person has a different accumulation style and threshold for "things." What feels just right to a modern minimalist will feel sterile and sparse to a shabby-chic nester. What soothes an antique collector will give an Ikea enthusiast hives. Our goal is to help you declutter according to your unique threshold and life goals so that you can feel at home in your space and your life.

Q: Do you consider all of my belongings "clutter?" After all, I love some of my stuff!

Q: Hmm, the word "holistic" give me hives. Can I just hire you strictly for decluttering? 

A: myth: purging & pruning are the same

If you are averse (or allergic!) to pausing for a bit of gentle self-reflection, goal setting or possibility...then Prune & Bloom's probably not be the best fit for you. But we encourage you to contact one of the many talented, local professional organizers who will adeptly focus purely on your "stuff" from a spatial (vs. a possibility) perspective. We'll be here standing by, happy to help if you ever decide you'd also like to conquer any calendar chaos or mental cobwebs that may be cluttering up your chi and keeping your next chapter just out of reach. :-)

Q: Will you force me to give things away? 

A: Your space. Your stuff. Your choices.

We're here to help - not harass - you. We want this experience to be one that makes you feel lighter and expansive, not like you've lost something. Our role is to not to pressure you, but to help you find the right balance to create space for what's next. To clear excess clutter from areas the have been bothering you..but never to force you to part with anything that makes your heart sing or serves you.

Q: I'm embarrassed at how out of control my clutter is...where will we even start? 



Q: Do you serve clients outside of Austin?

A: you are here...& we've got your back.

Lao Tzu said "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." The first step for you? Is done, simply by visiting us here and learning more. And we applaud you for that! The second? Simply reach out to us and we can talk through your current situation and goals. Then we'll go from there - one step at a time - which is the only way forward! We're here to help, never to judge (pinkie promise). And just to assure you, you're not alone, 90% of all Americans cite having had stress from clutter according to Dr. Robin Lasio, therapist on the A&E series Hoarders.  And, 100% of our work together is 100% confidential.

A: Technology + Travel Makes Anything Possible!

While we're based in and meet with most Prune & Bloom-ers in "the live-music capital of the world," our full clientele hails from Portland and San Francisco to Ohio, The Big Apple and more. So, no matter where you call home, we're happy to travel to or video chat with you to help you "(prune and) bloom where you are planted." Ping us a note and we can explore what's possible.

Q: Can I hire you on an hourly basis?

A: All in due time...

After working with a variety of clients, we've discovered that when first starting out, our special blended, 3-step approach works best. As such, our signature, starter-treatment includes all the elements necessary for you to experience the most immediate, meaningful effects. Thereafter, we'll work with you to determine the most cost-effective follow-on plan (i.e. additional decluttering or coaching via à la carte or discounted bundles of hours) based on your priorities, clutter personality and move-forward goals. 

The one exception? Those comfortable with the current state of their physical clutter can enlist us purely for professional coaching services (see next FAQ). Contact us for details.

Q: My clutter's already under control... can I hire you just for professional coaching? 

A. You sure can (and congrats on your clutter conquest)

We believe that decluttering is a key ingredient to getting unstuck and a catalyst for drawing nearer your goals. But, if your relationship with clutter is already copacetic? Then we welcome the opportunity to start things off with coaching sessions (which we affectionately refer to as "Bloom Boosters"). Our current coaching clients range from professionals (i.e. millennials, senior leaders, worker-bees, working moms and more) seeking to be more effective and fulfilled in their work lives...to "everyday people" of all ages and backgrounds, seeking to create the next chapter of their lives. Bottom line? Our goal is to help you feel at home in your life...and at the threshold of your future! 

Q: Do you do speaking sessions or group workshops?

A: Indeed we do - we (heart) groups!

With experience speaking to large audiences as well as facilitating group workshops for everything from special interest groups, to women's retreats to corporate leadership workshops and team building off-sites...we love a good "more the merrier" situation! And can tailor the power of decluttering to a variety of groups and their collective goals - be it personal or professional. Contact us to explore options for your group.


Have additional questions? Bring 'em on - we'd love to hear from you! Ping us here.


"Sometimes the best way to grow is to cut back." ~Marie Forleo, host of Marie-TV + Author