Past Bloom-ers are over the moon.

Take a gander at what "Pruning & Blooming" has brought into the everyday lives of those who have gone before you... 


"...has had a lasting impact on the state of my closet...and my state of mind!"

"My Prune & Bloom experience over a year ago has had a lasting impact on the state of my closet...and my state of mind!  Our time together was fun and refreshing. Having Jen by my side to guide the decision making and organization process was key; previous attempts to do the same on my own left me feeling overwhelmed and anxious. I felt supported and encouraged throughout the process, and ended it feeling inspired by and so pleased with the results!"

Laurie A. - Travel Industry Exec, Etsy-preneur & Mom of 2

" feels like a weight has been lifted."

"I didn’t know what to expect before we started my Closet Cleanse, so I was a little nervous...but once we got things moving along, it got easier. I was amazed to find things in the corners of my closet I hadn’t seen in years and no longer needed. Jen kept the pace moving along nicely and took an entire carload of stuff away to Goodwill. There was immediate satisfaction afterwards at seeing the room we had made in my closet and dresser and the organization Jen created for the remaining items. It’s been a couple of months and I still enjoy opening my closet and seeing all the space in there now and how easy it is to find what I need. The Closet Cleanse definitely kick-started my pruning and it feels like a weight has been lifted with room made for blooming. And it motivated me to continue with an Office Detox." (see more on Michele's Office Detox below)

Michele W. - law office manager & Historical Preservationist


"...more effective than my past attempts  working with a professional organizer"

My Office Detox was so different from and far more effective than my past attempts at working with a professional organizer. Instead of one-size-fits all instructions, Jen spent time really understanding my unique workflow, then worked with me, instead of just telling me what to do. It has been SO WONDERFUL! And made a big difference to walk into my office each morning and not look at piles everywhere…it’s a HUGE improvement over what I was feeling.  I don’t feel the overwhelming burden I used to feel walking into my office each day. Although I still have an unfinished to-do list at the end of the day, I am learning to better set priorities so I do accomplish the important things and don’t feel like I have to work ‘til midnight to get it all done.

Lynn S., Small Business Owner, Senior Certified Insurance Advisor, Feline-o-phile


"...more then I could have anticipated...incredible how someone you’ve only just met can open your eyes to all you have to offer."


It was an absolute pleasure working with Jen.  Her perspective was insightful and eye opening. My "closet cleanse" experience was more than I could have ever anticipated.  The "Life-scape" exercise, together with Jen’s wisdom and overall caring spirit, was something that has been so impactful. My closet and my outlook have not been the same since. I have been able to take some of the principles that we discussed and apply them to not only other areas of my home, but especially, and most importantly, other areas of my life.  It is amazing how much we hold onto that holds us back, and even more incredible how someone you’ve only just met can open your eyes to all that you have to offer, that you couldn’t yet see for yourself. 

Lisa M. - Case Worker, StitchFix Fanatic & Dog Lover

"...meditative and motivational....there's magic in combining coaching with decluttering." 

"It may sound trite and cliché, but Prune & Bloom can change your life. I had just been through and shaken to the core by a family crisis and was practicing some standard self-care to stabilize myself when Jen recommended we do a closet cleanse. Little did I know it would be a pivotal part of my “recovery” and catapult me into a remarkably contented and stable place. I mean, cleaning out your closet, really, what’s the big deal?

Her process is the big deal.

It was both meditative and motivational. Before beginning the cleanse, she had me fill out a “life-scape” form, followed it up with time to reflect on my responses, and then and only then did we begin the "closet cleanse." The follow up was just as wonderful. There’s magic in her combining her intuitive life coaching skills with a bent for decluttering to totally change the trajectory of one’s life.

I have no words for what this process can do for you. But I have the suspicion that you'll be missing out if you don't see for yourself." 

Jeanne G. - Writer, Workshop Facilitator & Wedding officiant


"I made enormous strides not just in my work life, but in my personal life as well."

"I absolutely loved working with Jen! She’s brilliant, insightful, kind, funny, and very, very wise. Thanks to her coaching, I made enormous strides not just in my work life, but in my personal life as well. I came away with concrete breakthroughs, and concrete actions plans for the present and future. She’s also compassionate and empathetic, which is important when you’re sharing about things in your life that aren’t quite working. 

I highly, highly, highly recommend Jen. If you have a chance to work with her: run, don’t walk!"

Justine J. - Content Strategist, Blogger & Architectural Enthusiast


"...encouraging...yet not afraid to challenge me to be honest with myself."

"The combination of Jen's caring, empathetic nature and her years of corporate, professional success makes her uniquely qualified to help others define and achieve their goals.

In our work together to determine my next professional steps (transitioning from stay at home mother back into the work world full time) Jen asked purposeful questions and was extremely encouraging, yet not afraid to challenge me to stretch and to be honest with myself. She listened intently and took careful notes as I spoke about my career history, distilling everything I found rewarding from past work experiences into a set of core values that have become my compass in evaluating various professional opportunities.  

Jen will guide you through the process of organizing your life and working toward your goals with her great competence, patience, kindness and sense of humor.  I can't recommend Jen and her services highly enough!"

Megan H. - special events manager, IRONMAN Finisher & Mom of 2


"...has saved me so much time and hassle." 

"Cheesy as it may sound, I just feel lighter. Pruning has saved me so much time and hassle. I hadn't realized how much inefficiency - headache even - accompanied the simple act of opening my drawers. Now, every morning is just plain 'easier' because I can actually see all of my clothes and where they are."

Jonathan H. - Sr. Sales Executive, Avid Mountain Biker, Dad of 2


"...a truly life changing experience for me."

Working with Jen was a truly life changing experience for me.  It's more than just a closet cleanse – you'll realize what's holding you back in life, and then have the space to breathe, let go and focus on your overall well–being.  Not only did we prune my closet – donating items that I hadn’t worn in ages or never really liked in the first place (why was I hanging onto those anyway?) - but, through my life-scape, I realized that I needed a true break from LIFE.  I was burnt out and expressed this to Jen – but not in a very clear way.  It was Jen’s insightful nature and her caring, authentic personality, that kept asking the harder questions that got me to that place. And, she helped me realize that a break from life wasn’t a bad thing – it’s why people take sabbaticals after many years of working.  In fact, that’s exactly what I did: a month after my Prune & Bloom session, I fulfilled a dream and took a six–week sabbatical in Europe!  The ability to rest and recharge was just what I needed and something I didn’t think was possible – until I did the work with Jen.  I would highly recommend working with her – you may not know HOW your life will improve, but it definitely will!  

Mindy K, Marketing Consultant, Fitness Devotee & (self-proclaimed) Choco-holic


"It’s a relief when you realize how little paperwork you need to hang onto. I love working in my office again!"

"My home office desk was covered and I could no longer work there. I knew needed an Office Detox, but was dreading it because of the paperwork I had to go through (i.e. reviewing almost every piece of paper before tossing or saving). Jen gave me a system for sorting everything and a block of time to work and once I started, it moved pretty quickly as I realized how little of it I actually needed to keep. Throughout the process, Jen broke down tasks so I didn't feel overwhelmed. Now that my desk is cleared and I can use it again, I feel much more focused with less distractions which helps me to get more work done. I still have 'detoxing' to do in other areas of my office, but now I find that I actually enjoy purging and shredding. It’s a relief when you realize how little paperwork you need to hang onto. I love working in my office again!"

Michele W. - law office manager & Historical Preservationist


" uplifting, enriching, and freeing (literally) experience."

"Working with Prune & Bloom is a breath of fresh air! Jen's ability to coach me through not only my over-crowded closet and ‘junk' but also on my life in general, was such an uplifting, enriching, and freeing (literally) experience. Her practical yet therapeutic process, and down-to-earth/encouraging demeanor helped me let-go of and realize things that truly did create new space in my heart, mind and closet! "

Emlyn L. - social Entrepreneur & Community Organizer


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"Every flower blooms at a different pace." ~suzy kassman, author + yogi